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Automate Your Pest Control Review Process

Highlight Your Positive Reviews While Suppressing Your Less Favorable Reviews


Maintaining a steady flow of positive reviews and learning from the feedback is one of the best ways to attract new clients and retain the ones you have. When you have a solid review strategy in place, you can regularly obtain reviews that build your business through word-of-mouth marketing — the type of recommendation that people trust the most. 

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How It Works & What’s Included

We Do The Work, You Get Reviews.


Using our built-in marketing automation software, our review functionality would automatically send customers who fill out your contact form a branded email prompting them to provide feedback on their experience. Individuals who would rate their experience  between 1 and 3 stars would be directed to send you private feedback while individuals who would rate their experience  as 4 or 5 star would be directed to leave reviews publicly online. Additionally, we would email your client list quarterly with a variety of messages pre-approved by you.

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